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PC Computer Repairs & Laptop Repair / Maintenance - Pricing

Computer Set-up / Wireless Set-up

Computer/Laptop set up (Inc advice/tuition) – £35
Computer/Laptop set up (Inc advice/tuition) and connection to an existing wireless network – £40
Computer/Laptop set up (Inc advice/tuition) and installation/connection to a new wireless network – £50
Wireless network set-up for up to 2 devices (eg. printer/laptop) – £45
Wireless network set-up for up to 5 devices – £60

Computer/Laptop Maintenance: Computer health and security Check-up

PC Computer Repairs

Computer health and security check up (Inc. removal of spyware/malware infecting your PC/Laptop) – £45
Virus and spyware protection (Installation only of pre-purchased protection, or of Freeware protection – £45

PC Computer /Laptop Repairs & Upgrades

Keyboard Repair Laptop Screen Replacement

DVD-RW/Optical drive repair/upgrade install (Excl Parts) – £35
Memory repair/upgrade (Excl Parts) – £45
Upgrade operating system (Excl Licence) – £45
Secondary hard disk install (Excl Parts) – £35
Internal graphics/sound card/tv card repair/install (Excl Parts) – £35
Software application repair/install (Excl Licence) – £30
Printer driver/software installation (Excl Licence) – £30
Connection and installation of any other device to your computer (Excl Parts/Licences) – £40
Install new operating system (Excl Licence) – £45
Laptop Screen Replacement (Excl Parts) – £40
Laptop Keyboard Replacement (Excl Parts) – £30

Windows OS Repair / Recovery

Laptop Repairs

Windows recovery – computer set back to factory settings – £45
Fixed price repair – labour only – £60

Data Back-up / Transfer

Data Transfer & Data Backup

Hard Drive HDD Cloning / Backup – £30 (Excl Destination Drive)
Data backup to a CD or DVD (up to 4GB) – £30
Data backup to other forms of Media (Not Supplied) – £35
Data transfer from old computer to new computer – £45

Remote Login/Access Support (min 30mins)

Remote Computer Support & Assistance

0-30 mins Remote Support – £25
30-60 mins Remote Support – £40
60+ mins charged at £10 Per 1/2 Hr

PC/ Laptop General Training and advice

0-15 mins personalised advice – FREE
15-30 mins personalised advice – £20
30-60 mins personalised advice – £30
60+ mins charged at £10 Per 1/2 Hr

Onsite PC/Laptop Repair & Maintenance / Support

Onsite Support – £30 per hour (Excl Parts, Min 1Hr)

Whether you are, or are not sure what service you require, simply complete our APPOINTMENT FORM, and we will contact you to discuss your computer repair requirements


All work carried out at our workshop is charged at a fixed/set rate (excl parts), depending on the nature of the repair and will be quoted beforehand and WILL BE covered by our NO FIX/NO FEE Policy.

All work carried out at customer premises/address will be chargeable at £30 per hour (excl parts) minimum charge 1 hour, and WILL NOT COVERED BY OUR NO FIX/NO FEE Policy.


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