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We are Tamworth Computer Repairs, your broken PC computer & laptop repair specialist. We operate in Tamworth, Staffordshire & West Midlands and provide professional, reliable and affordable PC Computer & laptop repair in Tamworth & surrounding areas.

The price of computers are dropping every year, but when you buy one, you normally try to get the most you can for your money, and often end up spending more than you originally anticipated.

A large contribution to this ‘extra’ cost is often for additional ‘set-up’ or ‘support’ services which can be VERY PROFITABLE to the computer store, and unfortunately sold quite easily to the customer, using the right ‘scare tactics’ of who are you going to call, when things go wrong!?!.

Needless to say, if (for whatever reason) you don’t have any cover/support on your PC/Laptop, and things do go wrong – then your friendly home computer could soon be gathering dust in the corner of the room.. your hard earned money gone to waste..

This is where Tamworth Computer Repair can help.. complete our Appointment Request form today, for a FREE ‘No Fix-No Fee’ Quote, and bring your PC Back to Life..

Having Problems with your PC/Laptop?
Maybe its not as quick as it was when you first bought it? maybe your internet experience is being ruined with lots of unwanted pop-up’s? Maybe you’ve bought a new printer or digital camera and you’re not sure how to connect it, or install the software? or maybe you want to upgrade to take advantage of Wireless Broadband, but without training, you just don’t know where to start?

….If any of the above sounds familiar (or if you are experiencing difficulties of a different kind) then Tamworth Computer Repair can help. whatever problem or query you have with your PC or Laptop, it is highly likely that we can resolve it quickly & easily, for a single ‘low-cost’ fixed price (typically around 50%+ cheaper than the high street).

Contact us TODAY by completing an Appointment Request for a FREE ‘fixed price’ quotation (backed with the confidence of our ‘no fix, no fee’ policy)

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