Computer Set-up / Wireless Networking Set-up

If you’ve just bought a new computer, chances are your really looking forward to sitting down and using it, for the purpose you bought it. Unfortunately, like a lot of people you might not be looking forward to getting it out of the box, connecting it all up, or performing any initial configuration which might be necessary, like creating your windows account, creating recovery disc’s, configuring email, etc.. etc.. If this is the case, don’t panic, Tamworth Computer Repair can get you up and running in no time, in the comfort of your own home, we will set up and connect everything for you, including printers and scanners. We will spend time taking you through all the vital functions and tailor our time to suit you. (eg. if you want to know about retrieving your photos from your digital camera, we will take you through the process until it’s completely clear.) If you’ve got an old PC, we can even transfer your personal data to the new one. Read more about this under data back-up / transfer

If you’re going wireless, we can create you a secure wireless home network. With a home network you’ll be able to use two or more PC’s or laptops around your home (or garden), share files and printers between them and surf the net simultaneously.

Service Includes:

Checking and installing your new PC and all other PC related purchases
Starting up the PC and setting up the windows operating system
Installing drivers / software that will be required to make products work
Setting up of Internet account
Setting up and configuration of email
Testing PC, printer, scanner and peripherals
Familiarising you with your new PC
Installing network cards, access points, gateways, routers and switches
Configuring wireless security settings on wireless networks
Setting up file and printer sharing over the network
Setting up Internet connection sharing
Fully testing all connections


Installation of additional software
Installation of internal upgrades
PC health check / tune up
Windows Diagnostics / cleanup


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Is your computer slow, need a pc health check or clean / tune up, need to fix windows or run a diagnostic cleanup? 

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