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Broken Computer/Laptop Replacement Screens or looking for Keyboard Repair or PC upgrade?




Computers are constantly evolving, getting quicker and more powerful, with a constant stream of new and enhanced peripherals and accessories. Unfortunately this means that without regular upgrading your PC can soon become outdated, and you might find yourself not being able to take advantage of new technologies or accessories on the market.

Your Business / Home PC could have the potential to be the hub of your business computing  or home entertainment. You can use it to store your business documents, pictures/portfolios or music collection, stream your favourite movies and family photos, or create and edit your own home videos.

If its time to upgrade or repair your PC/Laptop, or if you’re having trouble installing a new printer, software or any other device as part of a PC upgrade, or looking for someone to replace your broken computer / laptop screen (computer screen repair) then contact Tamworth Computer Repair for a fast, failsafe repair or upgrade.

Service Includes:

Checking suitability and resolving any compatibility issues
Carrying out hardware replacement (eg. broken laptop screen repair, keyboard repair, computer upgrade or repairs) / installation safely & professionally
Installing any software provided with the upgrade
Testing laptop/PC repair, upgrade or peripheral to ensure it is working correctly


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