Computer Health-check & Security Check-up

PC computer remove removing malware spyware adware remover virus scan detection removal protection service.



Is you computer not behaving as it did when you first got it?? …Maybe its not as quick as it was, or maybe your internet experience is being ruined with lots of unwanted pop-up’s? maybe your thinking of banking online, but you’re worried about the security of your personal data?

These are all common problems, in today’s internet age, where your computer is vulnerable to literally 10′s of thousands of internet threats every time you connect. Fortunately PC-Cleanse has solutions for them all.

Purchase a Computer Health & Security Check-up from PC-Cleanse, and we will give your PC a full health check and remove any viruses, spyware, adware, or malware which might be hiding inside it. We will also install protective software to protect your computer from re-infection in the future.

We can also bring Windows XP™ up to speed with any upgrades or security updates, and recommend anything else that will improve performance.

Service Includes:

One-to-one assessment of your computing needs Free installation of any pre-purchased upgrades

Advice on file management to release tied-up memory

Suggestions on how to speed up your PC

malware scan, detection, removal & ongoing protection

spyware scan, detection, removal & ongoing protection


Initial repairs – if the PC refuses to boot up or exhibits fatal errors, a Healthcheck cannot be completed.


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