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Online Remote PC / Laptop Computer  Support




Tamworth Computer Repair offer an online remote PC / Laptop computer support service to fix any problem you may have with your Microsoft Windows or Apple OS X computer/laptop.

Our remote computer support service enables us to remote computer access and fix your computer remotely from our workshop without intruding at your home or actually removing it from your home, which makes this a very popular service among our customers.

How Remote Computer Repair – Access / Online PC Support Works:

To request Remote Computer Support/Remote Login Assistance, all we need is your email address, and we will email you a link where you can download & run (no installation required) a small program from our website.

Once this program is running, we will have visibility of your computer (over the internet) from our workshop, and will be able to request access. Once you have authorised our access (by clicking on a box that will appear on your screen) – We will be able to operate your computer as if we were sat next to you, in front of it – In addition we will also have the ability to communicate directly to you through your computer using either ‘Chat’, ‘Voice call’, or even ‘Video Call’ if necessary. (for added assurance, you will have constant full visibility of everything we do).

Remote Login Assistance / PC Computer Access Repair  (min 30mins)

0-30 mins Remote PC Repair / Computer Support – £25
30-60 mins Online PC Support / Computer Repair – £40
60+ mins charged at £10 Per 1/2 Hr

Finally, don’t worry about opening your system up to every hacker on the Internet: connection is only possible whilst the downloaded program is open/running, and access is only available to ourselves. Once you close the program we will no longer to able to access your computer.

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